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JuliAnne Wright

What's New!

Guys - the trip to LA was AMAZING!!! Starting a new series especially for subscribers (beginning in October):  Add your name to the list using the form below - and be in the know!  

Also on the horizon:

  • NEW MUSIC!!! Got to take part in a co-writing challenge in LA, and a new song is on the way to your favorite music app/store!  Partnering with Jan Seides (Austin, TX), we are calling ourselves:  "Juli & Jan" for this project!
  • Looking to Fall:  I'm going BACK TO L.A. this November!  Another songwriting conference, led by the same fabulous hosts!  Looking to inspire MORE great songs!
  • I'm the featured artist at Hambone's Acoustic Brunch on Sunday, November 18th!  Grab food & coffee, enjoy some live music, and bring your instrument to participate in the open stage portion of the show!

-Piano-based folkpop from the heart

“Every word’s a chance to shine a little light.” (One on One, JuliAnne Wright)

JuliAnne Wright began her singer-songwriter career 30 years late - after a brush with brain surgery reawakened old dreams, and fostered a renewed sense of purpose.

Her first song (written at the tender age of 5) was a lively tune about her love of “soup,” and featured a single lyric, accompanied by open chords on her Daddy’s guitar.  Now in her 40’s, JuliAnne has greatly expanded her lyrical library,  weaving memories & hopes, crafted with  heartstrings & piano strings;  All told through the lens of experiences gained life’s detours: living in 4 states,  16 years of teaching public school vocal/music, 20 years of marriage to “Mr. (W)right,” and 14 years of being a Mommy to two amazing & musical kids.

Born in 1970, JuliAnne  was one of three children raised in Troy, Ohio by two musical parents (Mom, Linda, sang the lead in her high school musical;  Dad, Don, won the John Phillip Sousa award for his saxophone skills & played in a band). 

Influenced by the records on Dad’s turntable (like Joan Baez, Elton John, Carole King, Billy Joel, Anne Murray, John Denver), a diverse list of artists from her young adult years in the 1980’s & 90’s (like Tori Amos, 10,000 Maniacs/Natalie Merchant, Jewel, U2, The Cure, REM), as well as current artists (like Florence & the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Christina Perri), JuliAnne’s songs reflect who she has grown into, after all these years, and are a cross-section of a journey she is still on…