“Every word’s a chance to shine a little light.” (One on One, JuliAnne Wright)

JuliAnne Wright began her singer-songwriter career 30 years late - after a brush with brain surgery reawakened old dreams, and fostered a renewed sense of purpose.

Her first song (written at the tender age of 5) was a lively tune about her love of “soup,” and featured a single lyric, accompanied by open chords on her Daddy’s guitar.  Now in her 40’s, JuliAnne has greatly expanded her lyrical library,  weaving memories & hopes, crafted with  heartstrings & piano strings;  All told through the lens of experiences gained on her life’s detours: living in 4 states,  16 years of teaching public school vocal/music, 18 years of marriage to “Mr. (W)right,” and 13 years of being a Mommy to two amazing & musical kids.

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JuliAnne has spent the last half of 2017 learning new things and writing lots of songs!  She's begun learning about songwriting for sync licensing (songs placed in TV, film & ads).   What is so fun about this, is that it's given her an opportunity to write songs that are completely different from her typical 'singer-songwriter' songs in terms of lyrical theme and genre!  She loves the songs she's released & been singing for years, but it's been especially fun opening herself up to other styles, themes, and instruments! STAY TUNED for previews of the latest songs...

Also on the horizon: Look for weekly content on JuliAnne's YouTube channel, and possibly a daily segment on Facebook Live, beginning in the Spring of 2018! 

What's New!

Born in 1970, JuliAnne Wright was one of three children raised in Troy, Ohio by two musical parents (Mom, Linda, sang the lead in her high school musical;  Dad, Don, won the John Phillip Sousa award for his saxophone skills & played in a band). 

Influenced by the records on Dad’s turntable (like Joan Baez, Elton John, Carole King, Billy Joel, Anne Murray, John Denver), a diverse list of artists from her young adult years in the 1980’s & 90’s (like Tori Amos, 10,000 Maniacs/Natalie Merchant, Jewel, U2, The Cure, REM), as well as current artists (like Florence & the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Christina Perri), JuliAnne’s songs reflect who she has grown into, after all these years, and are a cross-section of a journey she is still on…

-Piano-based folkpop from the heart

The Backstory:

JuliAnne Wright